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Personal Defense Devices-What Are The Best Devices? The crime rate is today is rapidly increasing and this is happening all over the world. This is actually one of the reasons why manufacturers created personal defense devices. These types of devices can be used by men and women. Usually, women are those that are using this kind of device, so they can be able to protect themselves. You need to know how to choose the best devices since there are a lot. Below are the best personal defense devices: A. Stun gun
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The stun gun releases electric shock. This is a small defense device and it will electric shock the attacker. The attacker will weaken when he is shock with the stun gun and this allows the person to run away from the attacker. The stun gun has about 700,000 volts. Once the trigger is pulled the stun gun will release the volts into the body of the attacker. Since the size of a stun gun is small that it can fit in the pack of cigarettes. The stun gun is powered by lithium batteries. You can put them on your waist or on your bag.
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B. Pepper spray Most women love to use this kind of defense device. Pepper sprays have the same sizes as a lipstick. Pepper spray comes in different colors. Pepper spray consists of oleoresin capsicum. This ingredient is taken from cayenne pepper. Pepper spray is small and easy to carry. You can put this on your pocket. You need to spray this on the face of your attacker. The attacker will feel excruciating pain, have short term blindness, uncontrollable tears, coughing and sneezing. When the attacker is in this state then it is your chance to run away from him or her. C. Stun baton The stun baton is just like a baton. This device will paralyze the attacker. This will disrupt the communication of the voluntary mucles and brain. The attacker will feel disoriented, loose his or her balance and muscle control. But, the attacker can recover from the stun of the baton. This baton releases 800,000 volts. The stun baton can be powered by rechargeable batteries. This defense device comes with a belt loop. D. Stun rings The stun ring device is attractive and elegant. This can be used as a fashion rings. This kind of defense device has pepper spray. E. Personal alarm This defense device is a very small device, but it is very loud. This will attract a lot of attention. This will not stop until you will stop it. There are some devices that comes with a light. All of these are the best and most convenient kind of personal defense device.

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