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The Impact Teachers Have On The Upbringing of The Youth.

The teaching profession is facing a major challenge due to the large number of teachers calling it quits. This is discouraging to any parents, especially the new parents planning to enroll their children who are youth, to colleges and high schools. This has caused by various reasons. To avoid a situation where this problem becomes extreme, all nations should do the necessary to curb it.

Debt and teacher burnout is one of the reasons why teachers are leaving the teaching profession. Most teachers do not get much in terms of salary compared to graduates in other professionals. Due to the low salary that people in teaching field are making, they end feeling unmotivated and it also reflects on how they teach the youth. Most colleagues end up having youth who are less qualified and this has a major effect on how they perform at their work place when they are employed.

The low pay that teachers make, they are not able to meet their basic need fully and cater for their bills. Teachers end up feeling unmotivated and frustrated and hence they are not able to fully deliver when teaching the youth. Most teachers are now opting to change professionals, schools are ending up having inadequate stuff.

In order to deal with this problem, nations are encouraged to pass legislations which will favor teachers, such as increasing their pay and benefits.Nations should think of coming up with legislations such as forgiving teachers who have student loans by a certain percentage. This will encourage professionals in this field to put their best when teaching the youth. Youth will also feel motivated to take up teaching as a profession when they join college.

Due to the many challenges that youth face in college and high schools, they end up dropping. Peer pressure and lack of fees are some the challenges that the youth might face. Students are not comfortable talking to their parents or relatives about the problems they are facing when in school. Most youth are much more comfortable discussing these problems with their teachers.

The necessary guidance can be offered to the youth by the teachers. They can assist the youth in achieving their dreams by guiding them in the right direction. For the many problems that the youth face, professional in the learning field can help them through guidance.

The youth require guidance and counselling, and the teachers can offer that to them. We see many youth dropping out of school due to depression and drug addiction. Some youth even end up committing suicide because they feel as failures.

Making the working conditions of teachers favorable, is something that every nation should prioritize in. Offering counselling to the youth is necessary since in future they will be leaders and parents.

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