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What Makes up User and Customer Experience?

Consumers’ thinking and behavior in this digital age have been affected by the many transformations that have occurred in our world. It first started when a means that allowed people to browse a system that has been converted into electronic form (forms that are both retrievable and downloadable), permitted us to conveniently connect to a virtual network from wherever we might be. As an afterthought, this followed an algorithmic search tool to give its inquirer greater convenience because it admitted myriads of information that clouted the network, leaving people to be bewildered because there is just too much information which one can hardly swallow over a certain subject matter. Skepticism of what one picks in the network resulted to comparison shopping and user generated reviews to substantiate the need of what it means when particular product is now placed in the hands of an end user. This was then followed by the social networks as a means to give a more personalized view of the product as it is used by your friends. With the creation of mobile web and smart devices there has been introduced greater connectivity wherever you are.

Every new technology introduced to us has its own mechanism and its own adoption curve which has been shortened because of the fast entrance of newer technologies. The result, consumers are no longer willing to wait for shopping and customer experience to be created for them but instead are now putting it together themselves thus increasing the difficulty to understand or predict consumer’s needs.

These changes between consumer behavior and business is putting pressure on brands since there is now a brand experience gap created which means that there is a different between the promise given by a brand and the varied reality of customer satisfaction. So this led to brands realizing the need to manage their brand in a different way and to consider customer touch points that have been described above. So now there is a need for organizations to mature when it comes to the experiences of their consumers and this is very crucial today. The business needs to find out if their vision for customer experience is understood and supported consistently across the business. What this means is that a business has to find out if customer experience is the expression of your brand values or if you brand values are consisted with the values of your customers.
Finding Similarities Between Businesses and Life

IN business marketing today, it is important to adopt a strategic plan that is designed to meet every aspect of the customers’ needs. This is now a tactical discipline since you need to empower those behind the brand to deal with clients and to be adept to their needs.The Essentials of Consultants – Breaking Down the Basics

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